Rueda De Casino - Moves

This list serves as an ongoing learning aid for students
attending our Rueda Classes. It is by no means definitive
as Rueda danced around the globe has an infinite variety
of calls with new ones constantly being created. The
translations of the names of the moves into English are,
on the whole, designed to be more functional than literal.

The moves we teach at Improver level are highlighted in

As many of the moves also serve as a base for learning
Casino in pairs, Cuban Salsa students from Beginner
through to Improver level will also, hopefully, find it useful.

Abanico - Fan
Abanico Complicado - Complicated Fan
Abajo - Walk Backwards
Adelante e Atrás - Forwards And Backwards
Adentro Afuera - Inside Outside
Afuera Adentro - Outside Inside
Agua Del Pozo - Water From The Well
Americana - American (women)
Americano - American (men)
Americanos - Americans (women and men)
Arriba - Walk Forwards (also called as 'Tropicana')

Bayamo - Bayamo (a city in Cuba)
Bikini - Bikini
Bikini Dos Con Dos - Bikini Then Pass me The Second
Girl Along With Two Hand Claps   
Bótala - Throw Her Away

Camínalo - Walk It
Cero - Zero
Coca Cola - Coca Cola
Completa - Complete
Cucaracha - Cockroach
Cuncun - Possibly a derivation of 'Cancun', a beautiful
tourist destination in Mexico, close to Cuba.

Daiquiri - Daiquiri
Dame (Una) - Pass Me The Next Girl
Dame con Contratiempo - Pass Me The Next Girl With
With Contra Tiempo (the rhythm Son Cubano is danced to)
Dame con Una Pausa - Pass Me The Next Girl With A
Dame con Vuelta - Pass Me The Next Girl With A Turn
Dame Dos - Pass Me The Second Girl Along
Dame Dos con Dos - Pass Me The Second Girl Along With
Two Handclaps
Dame Una Con Uno/ Dos/ Tres - Pass Me The Next Girl
With One, Two Or Three Handclaps
Dedo - Finger
Dedo complicado - Complicated Finger
Dedo, Guarapo Y Bótala - Finger, Sugar Cane Juice And
Throw Her Away
Directo - Go Directly Forward To your Next Partner
Directo por Abajo - Go Directly Backwards To your Next
Doble Play - Double Play

Echevarria - Echevarria (a Spanish surname)
Echevarria con Vuelta - Echevarria With A Turn
El Dos - The Two
El Tren - The Train
El Uno - The One
Enchúfala - Plug Her In
Enchúfala A Lo Moderno - Plug Her In In The Modern Way
Enchúfala con Clave - Plug Her In And Clap The Clave
Rhythm (also called 'Pelota con Clave')
Enchúfala con Clave Complicado - Plug Her In And Clap
The Complicated Clav (also called 'Pelota Con Clave
Enchúfala con Mambo - Plug Her In With The Mambo Step
Enchúfala con Rumba - Plug Her In With The Rumba Step
Enchúfala con Sácala - Plug Her In And Take Her Out
Enchúfala con Vuelta - Plug Her In With A Turn
Enchúfala Doble - Plug Her In Twice
Enchúfala Doble por Atrás - Plug Her In Twice Going
Enchúfala Pa’l Centro/ Medio - Plug Her In And Go Into
The Centre Of The Rueda
Enchúfala Pa’rriba - Plug Her In And Walk Forwards To
The Next Partner
Enchúfala Pa’rriba Dos con Dos - Plug Her In And Walk
Forwards To The Second Girl Along With Two Hand Claps
Enchúfala Triple - Plug Her In Three Times
Enchúfala y Cásate - Plug Her In And Get Married
Enchúfala y Quédate - Plug Her In And Stay Where You
Enchúfala Y Quédate, Mambo Y Cambia Pareja
(Quédate, Mambo Y Cambia) - Plug Her In And Stay
Where You Are, Mambo And Change Partner
Enredo - Tangle
Enróscate - Wind Yourself In
Escalera - Stairs (repeat every move you have done up
to that point when each new move is called)

Festival De Pelotas - Festival of Balls
Festival De Pelotas Pa’rriba - Festival of Balls Going
Forwards To The Next Partner
Flaco - Thin
Fly - Fly Ball (a ball hit high in baseball)
Fly Doble - Two Fly Balls
Foto - Photograph

Guapea - Complex version of the Basic Step
Gordo - Fat

Havana Club - A brand of Cuban rum

Jardín - Garden
Jardín Complicado - Complicated Garden

Kentucky - Kentucky

La Prima - The (Female) Cousin (also called as 'Adiós')
La Prima Festival - Festival Of Cousins
La Prima y la Hermana -The Cousin and The Sister
La Prima, la Hermana y la Familia - The Cousin, The
Sister And The Family
La Rosa - The Rose
Licuadora - Food Blender
(Llévala) Pa’l Cielo - (Lift Her) To The Sky
Lola - Lola (Spanish diminutive of the name Dolores)

Mata la Mosca - Kill The Fly
Mariposa - Butterfly
Media - Half
Media Doble - Half Twice
Montaña - Mountain

Nudo - Knot
Nudo Complicado - Complicated Knot

Ocho - Eight

Pa’l Puente - To The Bridge
Panque - Pancake (also called as 'Siete')
Panque Complicado - Complicated Pancake
Panque Y Chequea El Moto - Pancake And Check The
Engine (also called as 'Panque Por Abajo)   
Pasea Y Complícate
- A Walk And Complicate Yourself
Paséala (Enfrente) - Take Her For A Walk (In Front)
Pa'ti Pa'mi - For You For Me
Pa'ti Pa'mi Pa'bajo/ Pa'rriba - For You For Me Going
Down/ Up
Patín - Ice Skating
Patín con Dos - Ice Skating To The Second Girl Along
Patín Pa’ Las Mujeres - Ice Skating For The Women
Patín Pa’ Todos - Ice Skating For Everyone
Paulito - Little Paul (a  trademark move of Paulo FG - a
popular Cuban singer)
Pimienta - Pepper

Red de Araña - Spider's Web
Remolino - Whirlwind

Sácala - Take Her Out (also called as 'Exhíbala')
Sácala a la Vecina - Take The Neighbour Out
Salsita - Little Salsa
Serpiente - Snake
Setenta - Seventy
Setenta Complicado - Complicated Seventy
Setenta con Setenta - Seventy With Seventy
Setenta y Dos - Seventy Two
Setenta y Uno - Seventy One
Sombrero - Hat
Sombrero Complicado - Complicated Hat
Sombrero Comlpicado Por Atras - Complicated Hat
Leading The Girl Behind
Sombrero Con Mambo - Hat With Mambo
Sombrero Con Mambo Y Sabor - Hat With Mambo And
Sombrero Por Debajo - Hat Going Under
Sombrero Por Debajo Complicado - Complicated Hat
Going Under
Sombrero Doble - Hat Twice

Treinta y Tres - Thirty Three
Treinta y Tres con Festival - Thirty Three With A Festival
Treinta y Tres con Festival Reverso - Thirty Three With
A Festival Reversed
Triple Play - Triple Play
Tumba Francesa - French Drum (a traditional 18th
century dance)

Vacílala - Show Her Off
Vacílala con Dame Una - Show Her Off And Pass Me The
Next Girl
Vacílala con Entrada - Show Her Off With An Entrance
Vacúnala - Vaccinate Her
Vamos por Atrás - Let's Go Behind

Yogur - Yoghurt
Yogur Doble - Yoghurt Twice